Instagrowth App
Installation & Configuration instructions
for automated likes, follows και unfollows.
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1. Important Information
NOTICE 1: ** Avoid switching between Instagram accounts while Application is opened. It causes issues and you have to re install the application. Create a chrome user for each Instagram account, as seen below on this guide. **
NOTICE 2: ** Deactivate / Remove all other similar applications like Robinsta, FollrMonky, Autinsta etc. or other applications that do requests to IG. They conflict if they are active at the same time. **
NOTICE 3: ** Please aknowledge that our app has zero control on a temporary limitation that my occur to your account by Instagram, caused by a variaty of reasons. Experiment with configurations as you wish but always check the Recommended Settings. **
NOTICE 4: ** Avoid running more than 3 instances of the app under the same computer IP. Recommendation would be to use a VPN or another network. **
2. Installation
- Open Chrome and install the extension.
- Login with your username on Instagram.
- Instagram & Instagrowth app tabs must remain opened and connected to the internet.

Click on the top right corner, the icon “App”. Our app will open in a new tab, and also check if Instag is opened.
3. Application Tour

This is the control panel. You can find here how many Likes, Follows και Unfollows have been done.

4. Follows - Users
Go to the Instagram account of your rival or the person you would like to get his/her followers.

Click the button “Collect Followers” and then click "Save".
Back to our application:
Make sure Activate button on Followers box is set to ON.
5. Follows - Hashtags
Go to the Instagram and search for a hashtag ex. #cool
Click the buttons “Media Liking Job” and "Collect from tag". Then, click save.
Back to our application:
Make sure Activate button on Followers box is set to ON.
Here are the configurations of Follows:

You may set the Pool option, that is basically the Queue of users.
Users stay in Queue so the are followed later.
You may check or remove Users, Tags, Locations on this screen.

Here are the Filters of Follows:

You may select the minimum and the maximum of Followers, Following and Posts for better targeting.
You may select to target Private or Public accounts.
Also you may exclude accounts with specific keywords in their bio.

6. Unfollows
Back to our application:
Make sure Activate button on Unfollowers box is set to ON.
Click on the grind icon of the unfollows box.
Here are the configurations of Unfollows:

Check 'Enable auto unfollows' to unfollow new followed users. Recommended to have always checked.

Unheck 'Do not UnFollow followers' if you want to unfollow users that are following you.
Back to our application:

Make sure Activate button on Likes box is set to ON.
Click the grind icon on the Likes box:
Here you may see the configurations for Likes.

By default the "Collect media from Home Timeline to like" is enabled. It likes any post on your feed.
If you activate "Collect media from Tags to like", visit a hashtag page on Insta ex #cool and Click the button “Media Liking Job”.

Set "Time interval for Like (seconds)" at least 60 seconds.
8. Whitelist
You may find the "Whitelist" Settings under the Unfollow Settings Window. If you would like to not unfollow the users you currently follow, press whitelist icon and then the button “Collect current Follows”.

NOTICE: ** When you finish collecting for the Whitelist, empty the Unfollow Collect Pool on the "Pool" tab of the Unfollow Settings to prevent accidental unfollows. **

9. Sleeptimes
Please notice that sleeptimes use your computers time zone.
You may find Sleep Times for each function of Follow, Like, Unfollow on its own Settings Window.
You may add as many Sleep Times periods as you wish.
10. Latest Data

On this window you may track all the latest events by name, function and datetime.
You may as well find errors that occasionally occur, when your configuration
is set to do requests for Follows, Likes & Unfollows faster than the

Recommended Settings.

11. Multiple Accounts
Want to setup multiple Accounts? Easy. Click on the 3 dots icon on the top right corner of Chrome. Then click "Settings". Then click "Manage other people" and add as many accounts that you wish. Then swap between the accounts and install our app to each of them. Done.
12. Troubleshoot - Errors - Help

Below we describe all the issues that may come up.
If you stumble upon any other problem, please let us know.

Q. Instagram seems to cut my requests of Follows, Likes and Unfollows. What should I do?

Seems your picked a low number for your intervals. You should opt in for the Recommended Configuration for 3-5 days. Then experiment by changing the intervals.
Please visit our page of Recommended Settings

Q. What are the Recommendeded Working Settings of the app?

Please visit our page of Recommendeded Settings'.

Q. The app closed itself while running. What happened?

We regularly do updates to fix bugs or improve our application. When chrome receives the update, it closes our application to apply the update. We try to reduce the frequency of the updates, so our app remains open.

Q. The app does not follow, unfollow or like. What may be the problem?

Step 1. First make sure you have deactivated / closed all other similar applications like Robinsta, FollrMonky, Autinsta etc. They conflict if they are all open together.

Step 2. Make sure Instagrm is opened and you are logged in. Our application tab must be opened, too.

Step 3. Check 'Latest Data' window -> on 'Error Log' tab, if the 'Hard Rate Limit' is hit. If yes, rise the intervals of follows, unfollows and likes by 5-10 seconds. Wait a bit.

Step 4. Make sure you have enabled the actions Follow, Unfollow and Likes, as described above.

Step 5. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Step 6. Disable AdBlocker Chrome Extensions for both Instag & our application.

Step 7. If all the above are OK, please contact us via Chat or Email.

Q. I clicked to get the followers of a user. Can i move away from that page?

Yes, as long as a single tab of Insta is opened, you may go to any profile, hashtag page, your feed, your profile.

Q. Your application works offline?

No. Our app needs Internet connection to work.

Q. How many applications / accounts can i run on the same PC?

On the optimal settings of 80-125 seconds interval per Follow, Unfollow & Like, you may run 3-4 cocurrent instances of our application under the same IP without issues or hitting the RATE LIMIT. If you use proxies, VPNs or 4G data services on different devices, you may run as many as 3-4 per device.

Q. I have more than 5 accounts, do I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?

Yes, up to 60% discount. Please contact us to receive your discount.

Q. May I leave the application run 24 hours straight?

Yes, but the optimal is 16 hours per day just to be safe.